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Imag by Star-Korra

Walking on Thin Ice
Chapter Five.


That's what he called you that day. Snowflake.

You'd thought nothing of it at the time. It was Jack, after all. He probably called lots of children Snowflake...

But it was after that day...after the evening you'd spent together...that you realised just how endearing the pet name was...

Jack Frost could do many things...But one thing always warmed your heart. 

He made snowflakes by hand.

Each was precious.

And no two were alike.

And you realised then...

That's what you were to him. A precious little twinkle unlike any other.

A special little twinkle.

His little twinkle.

The tear that rolled down your cheek was wet. And cold. 

But this lone, cold tear didn't signify sadness. 

No. It signified your hope. It signified your belief.

It rested against your cheek for long moments, before it moved on, and finally fell to the floor of your cage.

That lone, cold tear...

It signified your love.

--- ~*~ ---

It took only a few minutes for you and Jack to arrive at your destination: The Lake. It's lovely frost designs had long faded, and this saddened you greatly. You wondered if Jack would frost the lake over again soon. You hoped he would. 

Jack landed softly in the white powder just at the shore of the frozen lake and set you down carefully. You gazed out over the expanse of its frozen surface, before looking back at Jack. The Winter spirit seemed to be inspecting the lake as well. He pursed his lips.

"The ice is a little thin." He explained to you. "Hang on a second. I just have to freeze it over again."

With his staff clutched tightly in both hands, Jack began to walk forward. You instinctively reached forward to grab his arm, effectively stopping him in his tracks.

"W-wait." You said. "If the ice is that thin--..." Jack held out a hand to stop you. He offered you a reassuring grin.

"Don't worry, (Name), I'll be fine." He said, and while you were inclined to doubt him, being Jack Frost, he obviously knew more about ice than you did.

So you released his arm.

Jack stepped out onto the ice, and after glancing over his shoulder at you, he continued forward. He came to a stop at the centre of the lake. You watched with curious (e/c) eyes as Jack flipped his staff, so his pale hands rested further toward the bottom and the curved end was pointed down at the ice below him. 

"Watch this!" Jack called to you, waving his arm for good measure. Once he was sure he'd gotten your full attention, Winter Spirit broke into a half run, half glide across the lake's smooth surface, allowing the end of his staff to touch the ice.

You watched, eyes widened in delight, and light bursts of laughter escaping your lips as you watched Jack glide across the ice, spreading bright trails of frost and ice as he went. You had to admit you were impressed. Jack was a very talented ice skater.

A few more minutes and Jack drew his routine to a close. You clapped, throwing in a whistle or two as Jack slid up to the shore once again and bowed.

"Thank you, thank you!" He laughed, his blue eyes alive with glee. "You're too kind!" 

You couldn't help the smile that worked its way to rest on your lips. "That was some pretty fancy footwork, Frost." You said, to which Jack chuckled. He rested his staff against his shoulder and held out a hand for you to take.

"Yeah? Well, why don't you give it a shot, Snowflake?" You deadpanned.

"I-I don't have skates, Jack." You said, shaking your head and backing away from the boy's outstretched hand. "A-and I don't even know how to ice skate, remember?" Jack rolled his eyes, reaching forward with his staff to catch you.

"You don't need skates, Snowflake." He reasoned, tugging you closer. You stumbled into him, and immediately, you felt a cold arm wrap around your waist. You could feel your heart begin to speed up. 

"B-but, Jack I don't--..." 

"Relax, Snowflake." Jack said, cutting you off mid-sentence. "I've got you now, okay? You'll be fine."

Your (e/c) orbs locked with his glistening blue ones.

"I promise." His smile made you weak.

"I-I believe you, Jack." You said, with a voice no higher than a whisper. 

Jack took a small step backward. You took a small step forward.

Jack took two steps backward. You took two steps forward.

You kept your eyes locked on Jack's. And each time you felt your foot slide and your eyes would instinctively rush downward, Jack would catch your chin and tilt your head up, whispering 'Just watch me, Snowflake.'

The pair of you managed to reach the middle of the lake. Jack smiled down at you and tentatively began to loosen his grip around your waist. You yelped as you felt his arm sipping away. (E/c) orbs were wide and full of worry as they fell to stare at the ice below. You could see the dark water just beneath the surface and your stomach lurched.

"J-jack!" You whined, your heart pounding as Jack's arm disappeared completely, causing the mischievous spirit to chuckle. He took a few steps, easily gliding across the ice. You watched him, arms wide and legs spread in an attempt to keep yourself from falling. Jack circled you a few times, his eyes glinting.

"It's easy, Snowflake, trust me." You heard the boy say. He came to a halt just in front of you. "I won't let you fall. Just give it a shot."

Your (e/c) orbs wandered back down to the lake's icy surface. The ice...seemed thick enough. And you knew...

You knew Jack wouldn't allow a single ill thing to befall you. 

So, with a deep breath and only a few seconds of hesitation, you carefully lifted one foot and placed it in front of the other. You gasped, your eyes darting up to meet Jack's for a split second, before returning to your feet.

You tried again, this time daring yourself to take a wider step, and once again, you remained upright. Your eyes sparkled.

You didn't fall! You actually managed to stay on your feet!

Jack watched with poorly masked excitement as your baby steps quickly evolved into steady glides, and pretty soon...

You were dominating the lake.

You slid, glided smoothly, and even attempted a spin once or twice. You wondered if you could pull off a jump. It would be risky, and you'd probably wind up with a sore rear end if you couldn't manage the stunt.

But you were having way too much fun to care.

So, when you were sure you had enough space, you went for it, building up speed and crouching slightly. You closed your eyes and you lept.

You didn't feel the harsh crash you expected to feel seconds later. Instead, you felt the cool winter breeze caressing your face. You opened one eye, and you couldn't catch the squeal that escaped your lips shortly after!

You'd done it! You pulled off your first jump like a pro!

Oh, you felt like a bird as you glided through the air! You wished this feeling would last forever!

...And it seemed like it would. You were in the air much longer than you thought possible. Did you really jump that high? But it was then that you registered the cold that rested against your hips. Curious (e/c) orbs peered down...

And were met with a bright blue pair, accompanied with a gleeful grin.

Jack. He was right below you, his cold hands securely wrapped about your waist. He was holding you up, gliding with you across the surface of the lake.

"I told you I wouldn't let you fall, Snowflake." He said, and your poor heart throbbed. Jack brought you down slowly, your feet meeting the ice once again, the two of you gliding together. You could feel the coolness of his body against your back, and you turned your head, your eyes meeting his, your faces only inches apart. Jack's hands were still resting against your hips, and without hesitating, you brought your own hands up to rest over them.

Jack's playful grin had slowly morphed into a light smile, and finally, that too faded as he stared into your (e/c) orbs. Your throat felt tight as Jack's winter fresh breath cascaded over your face.

Your cheeks were on fire.

And you noticed, with a hint of delight that Jack's cheeks carried a bluish tint of their own. 

It was adorable.

But before either of you could do a thing further...


The both of you went head over heels and tumbled into the snow at the shore of the lake.

It seemed Jack, having been so caught up in picture perfect moment you were sharing, had completely lost sight of the object at hand: Skating. And with all of his attention occupied, he didn't see the icy lake surface coming to an end. And instead of stopping, as he should have, he kept right on going. Right into the snow.

And of course, you went with him.

It took you a moment to gather your bearings, a groan escaping your lips as you sat up and rubbed sourly at your head. You were about to ask Jack if he was okay...

But that's when you realised the compromising position you were in.

You were straddling the boy. Your hips nestled snugly against his, legs on either side of his body. 

Your face felt so hot, you thought your head might explode!

"Uhn..." You heard a grunt come from below you as Jack had apparently come to. His blue eyes were hazy for a moment and he shook his head to clear the fog. You nearly yelped when his hands came up to grip your waist in his confusion. When finally the winter spirit had cleared his head, he looked up at you, eyebrows furrowed.

"(Name)?" He said, attempting to sit up. But it seemed, at that moment, he'd finally noticed what was happening. Jack flipped.

"O-oh! Oh my--! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" The boy babbled as his face flushed blue. You shook your head wildly, scrambling to get off of him.

"N-no." You rasped, your hands coming up to hide your face as you sat back in the snow. "I-it's my fault, I-I didn't mean to--..."

"S-seriously, it's alright." Jack said, eyes glued to he snow below him, running a hand through his hair. "A-are you okay? You didn't get hurt did you?" 

You shook your head, and Jack sighed, relaxing visibly as you did.

"That's good."

...The silence that followed soon thereafter was stifling. You kept your hands over your face, determined not to look at Jack. How could you? You were just straddling him for goodness sake! How embarrassing! It felt to awkward, so strange, so wonderful, so--...!

No! No, no! You couldn't think that way! This was Jack! He was your friend, and nothing more!

...But if this was true, then why...why did your heart throb so strongly when he'd help you up the way he did...when he smiled at you...did you maybe...? 

Could it actually be...?

Had you actually...fallen...for Jack Frost...?

Well that certainly threw a wrench in the works...

"...pretty good for your first time." You jumped slightly, tumbling from your thoughts and back into reality. Jack had said something apparently.

"Wh-what was that?" You asked, hating how your voice wavered. 

"I said you did pretty good for your first time." Jack repeated, his eyes cast out over the expanse of the lake. "You sure you've never skated before?"

You chuckled, shaking your head, allowing your eyes to wander up for just a moment. "I-I had a pretty great partner." You said, causing the white haired boy to stiffen and clear his throat nervously. 

Your eyes met again, and you looked away. But Jack didn't. 

You heard the snow crunch as he scooted closer. Your heart pounded in your chest. Why were you so nervous? It was only Jack, after all.

"Hey, Snowflake..." Jack suddenly said. You looked up. His blue eyes seemed unsure somehow. They were locked on your own (e/c) eyes as he spoke, as if he were trying to gauge your reaction. "I-I'm sorry...A-about what happened. I should've been paying attention."  

You couldn't help the smile that came to your lips. 

"It's okay, Jack." You reassured him. "I-it was pretty funny, actually. I had a good time." Jack's eyes twinkled in the dwindling sunlight as you said this. Your eyes remained locked, but you didn't miss they way Jack's blue orbs darted downward, focused on the spot blow your nose, just above your chin, before quickly rising to look into your eyes once more.

And you certainly didn't miss the way Jack's cheeks refused to give up their blue hue.

Jack probably didn't realise he was leaning forward, slowly, unsure. But you didn't miss that either. 

And you found it, among other things the boy had done, absolutely endearing.

Jack stopped mere inches from your face. His breath mingled with yours. It seemed the winter spirit wouldn't move another inch. But just because he wouldn't...

Didn't mean you wouldn't. 

And so, throwing all caution to the wonderful wind that circled around you both, you closed the distance, finally allowing your lips to meet Jack's.

They were cold, you thought, but not unpleasantly so. It was an exciting sort of cold. The kind of cold that sent shivers up your spine. The kind of cold that...

Made you want more.

You felt Jack's arms come to tentatively wrap around your waist once more, and once you built up the courage, you wrapped your own arms about his neck.

Your lips remained pressed together for long moments, and you were more than disappointed when Jack pulled away, his chest heaving. You couldn't blame him though, as the need to breath had overcome you as well.

You both remained that way, panting for breath, held in each other's arms, faces flushed, eyes locked.

Jack's blue eyes gazed, almost desperately into your own.


Your (e/c) orbs darkened, and you pulled him back in to press your lips together again, tightening your grip around him.


End of Chapter Five.
Mmmwwwaaaahhhh~!! :icononionloveplz: What. A. Smooch.

Reader-Chan, you naughty little minx~ And Jackson! Keep yourself together boy!

Ah, my lovelies, here's chapter 5! It took a little longer than I thought, but it's here~ ;u;

So, you can see where this is going...~ Now, I've never written one before, but I was many Reader-chans would like a lemon for the next chapter? ouo I mean, a good lemon~ Cause I'll do that for you, my lovelies! :iconslowhugplz:

Just post your comment, weather you'd like a lemon or not~ (Don't worry, I'll post a non lemon version as well <3 ) And if you do vote yes, note me any ideas you may have for said lemon~ It'll be completely private <3

But I'd like to know what Reader-chan wants between her and Jack~

So, until next time, my lovelies! Enjoy~
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